Exclusive Jobs Opening in Malaysia

Why Jobs in Malaysia?

At Jobs in Malaysia, Malaysia is one of the adventures & best livable country of the world. Many people from all over the world likely to live there and consider it their second homeland because the people of Malaysia are very friendly, cooperative & loving and welcome the other countries people in the heart.

The main reason of people prefers to move there with their families if they found a job because there are many career opportunities, International health system, school/colleges and cost of living is very low.

The people of Malaysia work 48 hours of the week and companies pay them in Malaysian Ringgit monthly or weekly as per contract. Forty-Eight hours included 8 hours each working day from Monday to Friday & the part-time incentive added according to the extra hour’s work.

Min Salary: RM 22,700 Per Month
Fringe Benefits & Perks: Yes
Public Holidays: Yes
Job Type: Contractual & Permanent

Malaysia major industries are rubber, timber, palm oil, manufacturer of computer disk drives, oil and gas, light manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, electronics and semi-conductors & the recent career growth areas are manufacturing and tourism.