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Why Jobs in UK?

At the UK, which has the third largest economy in Europe and an unemployment rate of 6.4 percent at the end of June 2014 – the lowest since 2008. According to the Office for National Statistics, 40 percent of the increase in employment levels over the past year have been among non-UK nationals. There were 326,000 more workers born overseas working in the UK in the last year, a quarter from Eastern Europe like Poland, Hungary, and Lithuania. Uk Jobs.

Economic growth is concentrated in London and the southeast; unemployment is higher in the north of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The London jobs market is booming with 10 times more jobs on offer than the next best area of the country but of course, there’s a lot more competition for those jobs.


Career In the UK

If you want a professional or well-paid job then you’ll need to speak good English (and having a second language also gives you an advantage). It’s easier to get a job if you don’t need a work permit. It is relatively easy to get part time or casual jobs but the pay will be very low. Work & Study Opportunities UK is still on.

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